Hamilton Central Business Association [HCBA] provides advocacy, support and promotional opportunities for the business and property owners located within the Hamilton Central Business Improvement District (BID).  

For information about HCBA please contact:

Vanessa Williams (HCBA General Manager)

341 Victoria Street
Corner Victoria Street and Garden Place
New Zealand


Hamilton Central Business Association is a non-political organisation driven by a voluntary executive committee contributing to the revitalisation, support and promotion of Hamilton CBD.

Nominations for the 2018/2019 Executive Committee are now open

The Hamilton Central Business Association AGM is being held on the 24th October at Gravity Bar from 5.30-7pm.

If you are interested in being nominated on to the HCBA Executive Committee, please email admin@hamiltoncentral.co.nz for nomination papers.

Connie Chittick - Westpac

(Acting Chairperson)

Originally from the greater Waikato, I completed my studies at The Waikato University before working off shore in finance, returning to live in Hamilton in 2008. 

I have over 15 years banking and finance experience, eight of those as a Business Manager.  I have the privilege of working with business owners across a wide range of industries and at different stages of the business cycle to help them achieve their business and personal goals. 

Hamilton has great potential for growth and I believe businesses are a key part of this.  I am passionate about Hamilton and the unique and amazing lifestyle we are able to have here.  I joined the Executive Committee to provide a voice for existing businesses in the CBD and to ensure the business community is well represented in shaping the growth potential of the CBD. I look forward to helping grow a vibrant CBD that makes Hamilton an attractive proposition to business and families looking to move here.  

Mike Neale - NAI Harcourts

Having been involved in the commercial property industry since 2003 and specialising in the Hamilton CBD market, this focus during the last 10 years has led me to be involved with in excess of 150 sale transactions and 350 commercial leases within the CBD. Hopefully this focus and these experiences will enable me to provide an informative and balanced view on matters that are affecting the central city, both the positive and any issues.

My daily work has allowed me to gain insight into how our CBD is developing and the retail/office trends which are taking place. While the changes that we have seen in our CBD in the last 10 years has in many ways been extraordinary, where we are going now is potentially transformational. Providing owners and tenants with good credible advice has always been the cornerstone to giving CBD businesses the opportunity to be successful and adding to our CBD’s unique makeup. There has never been a silver bullet to creating a vibrant CBD, but in fact many pieces to a puzzle that need to be or are being worked through.  

As a person who is passionate about the Hamilton CBD and its future, I look forward being part of the Executive Committee to further enhance our CBD’s potential and to help grow a vibrant city for both business and families to prosper.

Karlene Verryt - DV Bryant Trust

As an ‘import’ to Hamilton, it has been an exciting time to have been part of the changes to the Hamilton CBD.  

As a Chartered Accountant, I moved back into a property role when I joined DV Bryant Trust as the Finance and Property Manager, in 2013. 

Working in the CBD has opened my eyes to what is available here.  I now bring my family into the City to spend leisure time.  There is a lot going on and it is up to us to highlight what is unique about the Hamilton Central experience, to the wider Waikato and beyond.

My current role at DV Bryant includes maintaining and improving their large office and retail property holdings. 

The Trust are loyal landlords in the Hamilton CBD and have further plans to reinvest to invigorate the Centre further.  It is a privilege to be involved in these developments, but also to be hands on with our tenants and encouraging ‘new blood’ to enter the CBD.  Please contact me if you wish to discuss how to relocate your business and staff to Hamilton Central.  We can highlight what has worked well for others and ensure it is just as successful for your business.

The challenge for us all then, is to be brave and try new initiatives, working together where at all possible.  Some initiatives will fail, but I support the Association in their efforts to continue to ‘break new ground’.

Glen Stewart - Burns & Ferrall

Originally from the other side of the Kaimais, I have called Hamilton home at various times in my life.

I started my working life here after I completed my studies at Waikato Polytechnic (WINTEC) in hospitality and went on to live in Australia and Japan for 19 years.

Specialising in the food and beverage sector I held a variety of roles in hotels and restaurants and during my time in Japan I was also involved in English education, management of schools, management of restaurants and owned my own businesses.

When I first lived here I remember Hamilton having a vibrant city heart that always felt bigger than my home city of Tauranga. Subsequently on my numerous visits back to the city I have seen that vibrant city heart change during the various up and down stages that Hamilton has gone through.

What excites me now is the sense that the heart of the city is being rebuilt. Hamilton is regaining its vibrancy and people are coming back to the city.

 I am currently the Branch Manager of Burns and Ferrall Ltd, a solely New Zealand owned private company, serving the hospitality industry for over 70 years. Seeing the need for our presence in the city we have set up an inner-city showroom and are enjoying the rewards of being here. In the words of our late inspirational owner, “Let’s make Hamilton great again”.

I am excited to be part of the Hamilton Central Association Committee, I look forward to working with passionate people on the committee and our business community to grow and sustain the vibrancy of our city.

Maureen Pearce - Kiwi Property

I put myself forward for nomination as I am keen to see the Central Business District thrive.

I have been on the board of a main street organisation previously and many of the challenges were the same: vacancy, absent landlords, orientation of the main activity base, lack of residents - both commercial and residential, competition for tenants from other cities/towns, parking & parking v pedestrians, vagrancy and community perception.

I have worked for 18 years with Kiwi Property (KP) in the shopping centre industry.  Over this time I have seen many changes in the retail sector and associated property field.  Both centres I have worked in are CBD located I am very conscious of the impact the surrounding environment has on the centre and our retailers.  Ina CBD based shopping centre you are symbiotic with your surrounding retail and amenity so are invested in what is happening around you.

My roles over the years with KP range from Customer Service through to Service Manager and this gives me a diverse experience set - customer-facing experience through facilities, marketing, finance, budget and strategy.  Roles prior to KP also add with sales, merchandising, group management and event experience.

Julie Ashby - Wintec

Julie Ashby is a passionate educator and designer committed to Hamilton’s success. Working at Wintec as a team manager in the School of Media Arts Julie is known as the ruckus maker!!  always looking for new initiatives and challenging projects for the students to engage in. Julie brings a wealth of design based  industry knowledge and skills and works across many aspects of the industry. She also mentors Wintec graduates in their start-up businesses and has worked with the CBD team to bring design students into the city with competitions, presentations and projects to activate the city.

Wintec is integral for the success of our city and Julie plans to encourage a closer engagement  with the CBD.


Pat Chaimontree - Banh Mi Caphe

I arrived in New Zealand 26 years ago from South East Asia and after initially settling in Auckland for 6 months we chose Hamilton to be our hometown.

After training in Hospitality at Wintec I went on to work at a variety of venues around the city before opening Jam and Banh Mi Caphe Vietnamese eatery four years ago.  I love the charm of the city and this is where we knew we could build a great business that added to the colour and vibrancy that was already here.  I enjoy connecting with people that come in to our restaurant but also creating relationships with people that also work in the CBD. I think it is important that we support one another and I am a big believer in buying local. The networks that I have created in and around the CBD have been beneficial in both growing my businesses and diversifying  in to the food truck and off site catering market.

I have always seen Hamilton as a city of growth and have often compared it to Melbourne with regards to the direction I see the city going in. There is enormous potential for the hospitality industry to grow on the back of inner city housing and the businesses relocating to Hamilton.

We have recently invested in a larger space with a complete new fitout for our Vietnamese Restaurant in the Riverbank Lane overlooking Victoria on the River which will be completed early 2018. It’s an exciting time and we are extremely proud of our new restaurant in the city and to be located at such a significant destination area as Victoria on the River we are growing with the city.

I jointed the HCBA Exec committee this year to be involved with a group of people who are passionate about enhancing our CBD and to be a part of creating a great central city.

Jordan Gleeson - Turton | Oliver

I am currently a student of Wintec studying a diploma of Interior Design but have previously completed a Bachelor’s of Commerce. I have a passion for both business and design and how they often are used in conjunction with one another. I am new to Hamilton but plan on building my career here so I would love to be a part of its growth as a city and network with the surrounding CBD businesses.

I believe Hamilton is a very creative city and would like to see it develop further in that field.

I have a very keen interest in sustainability and how businesses can improve their environmental impact. I would love to be involved in exploring and developing new environmental initiatives for Hamilton city.

I feel I can bring a lot of energy, passion and a fresh perspective with me to the HCBA as a young student and working professional. 

Amy McLean - Seed Waikato | M4 Collective

Born and bred in the Waikato, I've always stayed within the bounds of Hamilton, never venturing off far. There's something pretty special about the city that manages to keep me here. I'm a country girl by heart, but have studied and worked in the CBD since finishing high school. 

I studied a Bachelor of Business - Management at Wintec in early 2000's, whilst working in accounting for five years. Following this I moved into the Fitness Industry for eight years, falling in love with marketing and people management. In 2017 I gathered the skills and experience I'd acquired through these roles, and launched my own business in Business Coaching & Marketing Services for Small Businesses. 

I'm passionate about working with Business Owners in their early years of business, ensuring they have strategies and structure set up to allow them to grow and succeed. My vision for being a member of the Executive Committee is to enhance the opportunities that all CBD business owners have, creating sustainable and thriving businesses. Representing Seed Waikato on the Executive Committee means I come with a youth-focused lens, and am looking for ways that we can create opportunities for growth and connections for young people here in our own city.