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Business Development

Now is a good time to look at your business, get your business plans in order and look to any potential to positively adapt. 

HR Support, Coaching and Employee Assistance

Your business may be eligible for 100% fully funded HR Advice and Support.  The following services during the Covid-19 crisis have been approved by the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN) using the Management Capability Development Voucher Scheme, your business may be eligible for fully funded Everest Services:

  • Human Resource Advice & Support

  • Coaching and Leadership Support

  • Employee Assistance Programmes

The process is quick and easy, click on the link on Step One within the information attached.  Register your business with the RBPN who will contact you to arrange a time to discuss your eligibility.  If you need help at any point during this process please contact us.


Legal Resources

Here are some important legal resources provided by McCaw Lewis.

Business Planning
Here are some key questions you could be asking:

  1. What do you offer/sell? Focus on the functional benefit e.g. flatwhite

  2. What value do you provide? Look beyond the function benefit e.g. connection, ambience, communication, time out

  3. What would you like to provide more of? Less of? Value offering can be experiential, aspirational, aesthetic, educational, enable value.
    This is an opportunity to look at your business differently, looking at what it could be rather than what is.


  4. Define your frame of reference - what is the problem you are looking to solve by being in business? Find the reason customers want to come to you. This is the time that you could pivot/change/adapt your offering. People come to you for a reason. Why?

  5. Align your framework to the P's of marketing – Product, Price, Promotion, Place and People – this is the time to look at your loyalty programme – is it working? What could you do better?

  6. Recognise there is no silver bullet that will solve this disrupted environment for you, instead look at how your business can evolve, develop, adapt, respond to the disruption and support the situation:

    1. Be radically useful by solving a tension e.g. online working

    2. Don't be opportunistic e.g. don't look to cash in on the virus

    3. Actions speak louder than words e.g. great examples of landlords proactively offering rent relief

    4. Help people to help others e.g. utilise social channels to facilitate help, utilise loyalty programmes to provide support

    5. Have a generosity of spirit e.g. what can you do e.g. John Legend (and others) providing free concerts from their lounges during lockdown

    6. Be there when it counts – customers will remember what you do at this time, be personal but relevant

    7. Continue to gauge the mood – read your audience/customers – what do they want to know, keep them updated.

  7. Do you have a new idea for your business? Can it be done safely, with low risk and quickly? Now is the time to react. Look at the simplest version of new that you can do. Don't worry if it isn't perfect. If it can meet a need – launch it quickly, observe, measure and tweak. Done is better than none. Focus on good enough. Now is the time to experiment. Get out early and test.

  8. Apply your new idea to The Business Model Canvas:

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