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Cyene Kahui

Bachelor of Design - Spatial Design

What does Matariki mean to you?


Matariki to me is a time of gathering with loved ones to give thanks to the stars for the plentiful year that has passed and to hope for an even better year. This time of year is when I get to share food with my family and we all gather together to share and learn more about our ancestors and our history. In my family, we have a tradition where we all come together at our papakāinga in Whātātutu, named ‘Te Ahuru Mōwai,’ to learn more about our whakapapa and our hītori. Matariki to me is a new beginning filled with new adventures and learnings

What makes studying at Wintec in Kirikiriroa work for you?

Coming from Gisborne to Kirikiriroa was a big shift, but it opened so many doors for me. Coming straight out of high school into tertiary education, I enjoy how hands-on Wintec is and how much support we receive. This support extends not only to Māori but also to a variety of ethnicities.

How has being Māori influenced your career path or your chosen field of study?


Māori are typically portrayed as labour workers, yet I am too sluggish to do so. However, I dreamed of doing graphic design and later realized I wanted to study architecture. Researching the sector revealed a lack of Māori representation, which inspired me to pursue this career. Māori are not only talented in singing and drawing but also possess intelligence and the ability to seek larger goals. After learning this, I decided to trust in myself and pursue my goals while remaining authentically Māori.

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