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Danelle (DJ) Jarman 

Bachelor of Midwifery

What does Matariki mean to you?

For me it's probably a little bit different to my ancestors, my tupuna, because obviously we're in a modern world now but for me and my whānau, Matariki is a time where we kind of refocus. It's like the normal January New Year, but it's a bit different as it falls in June or July.  It a time for us to set new goals, realign, focus on what we want to achieve for the year. It’s a big time for us to appreciate what we have and what we've achieved in the past year.

What makes studying at Wintec in Kirikiriroa work for you?

I live here, so it's amazing, because I'm close and it's super convenient, especially for when we have campus weeks where we come from eight to five. When you've got kids and you have other things going on in life, it's really helpful to be in the same city so I love that Wintec’s accessible for me.  I also have whānau here to support me with study and my kids, and my husband is really supportive. So, Wintec works very, very well for me. I like that we have a lot of online too, because it means I can just sit in my track pants at home and jump on Zoom!

How has being Māori influenced your career path or chosen field of study?

I could talk about this forever, but I won't! I've got three children and had my first daughter when I was 23 but I couldn't find a Māori midwife. I really had my heart set on one because I felt she could understand me and as a first-time mum, I wanted guidance from a Māori point of view. However, I just couldn’t access one. I experienced the exact same thing with my next two children. At the end of my third pregnancy, I was like, man, I need to do something about this. While I initially trained as an early childhood teacher, I’d always had a passion for midwifery but didn't feel competent because I hadn't had my own children. I decided that when I’d finished having kids, I’d set out on that path. Not being able to get care from a Māori midwife, as a young Māori wāhine, meant I saw the massive need for Māori midwives in Aotearoa.

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