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Julia Prendergast

Bachelor of Contemorary Art - Honours

What does Matariki mean to you?


For me, I guess Matariki is thanking those who have come before us and welcoming those who are in our future. Not just like people but places and events, whenua and atua.

What makes studying at Wintec in Kirikiriroa work for you?

I am pursuing honours in Contempory Art. I have whakapapa near Kirikiriroa, in the Waikato so it gives me the opportunity to involve my whānau in my research and help guide me with my practice.

How has being Māori influenced your career path or your chosen field of study?


I think that being Māori, it’s like there’s this fire in my belly to keep stories alive and to put te ao Māori at the front.


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