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Tupu-aa-rangi with musicTupu-aa-nuku with music
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Close to 1000 years ago, when the Tainui Waka first circumnavigated the top half of the North Island, both East and West coasts. Our ancestral stories tell of entire forests, bursting with song, a deep resonant chorus of our native manu (birds) ringing forth from the land, bellowing out to sea. The sounds filling the hearts of our ancestors with hope.


Some of our great orators believe that Tupu-aa-rangi, the star connected to native bird life, berries and fruits, played a prominent role in welcoming our voyaging ancestors to Aotearoa-NZ, present and acting as celestial marker. Meaning ‘to grow in the the sky’ Tupu-aa-rangi, is the favoured star of our bird snarers and hunters.


Bold and assertive within his male energy, Tupu-aa-rangi is a son of Matariki. Whose personality resembles our native bird life, dynamic, curious, learning and sharing. In Greek mythology, he is Atlas, the father of the Pleiades star cluster, responsible for holding the world aloft.

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