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Ururangi with musicUrurangi with music
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Consistent with traditional narratives of the Tainui people, the star Ururangi is connected to the element of wind. When deconstructing the name, Uru is a Tainui reference to a person’s head, but also to the Westerly winds. With Rangi meaning sky or the heavens, therefore ‘the strong head winds of the sky’ is the figurative meaning of the name. 

Ururangi is acknowledged as the son of Matariki, brother to his celestial siblings, therefore consists of masculine energy. An impassioned and dynamic entity, he is easily stirred and irritable, with his outbursts manifesting in sudden gales, violent tempests and storms, that burst forth from nowhere. 

Ururangi maintains close ties with his sister, Waipuna-aa-rangi. As they are placed near each other within the Matariki star cluster. Their complimentary natures often working together during our Southern Hemisphere Winter, demonstrated in the seasonal cycles of wind and rain. In the Northern Hemisphere, his name is Merope, who is considered a female star within Greek mythology. 

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