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Waitaa with musicWaitaa with music
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The oral histories of Tainui Waka, say that Waitaa is the star connected to coastal waters, vast seas and mighty oceans. As a natural consequence, Waitaa is also patron star to the great food stocks of the seas, referred to as Te Kete Nui a Kiwa, meaning The Great Food Basket of Kiwa.


For generations, our oceans have been a major source of sustenance for Maaori. Containing innumerable types of fish and highly prized shellfish delicacies, such as kina (sea urchin) paaua (abalone) and kuutai (mussels). Waitaa glistening in the dark morning sky before dawn, serves as an auspicious sign for our fishermen and divers.


Confident in his masculinity, Waitaa is one of the three sons of Matariki. His personality reflects the movements of the world’s oceans. Majestic and ominous in the same breath. Highly intelligent, with immeasurable depth, yet wild and ferocious. Consistent with Greek myth, Waitaa carries the name, Taygete and is referred to as female.

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