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Waitii with musicWaitii with music
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Following the star lore of the Tainui Whare Waananga (Tainui House of Learning) the star Waitii is linked to fresh water, springs, streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands. As well as the food sources thereof, being eels, freshwater mussels and freshwater crayfish.


In the traditional narratives of the Tainui people, the name Waitii was also applied to sweet water, or more specifically drinking water. With water, being ‘wai’ and ‘tii’ being an affectionate dialectical term for sweet. Thus, the term was applied to our sources of drinking water, throughout classical Maaori society.


Elegant and fluid, like a cascading waterfall, gliding effortlessly over smoothened rocks, the star Waitii embodies femininity, being a dutiful daughter of Matariki, she shares a special bond with her brother Waitaa (saltwater). In the tales of ancient Greece, she is known as Maia, Maiden of Spring.


During the first rising of Matariki, our tohunga (experts) believed, that if Matariki shone bright in the night sky and her star children seemingly closer to her, it was a sign of prosperity for the coming year. Conversely, if she appeared dim with her star children seemingly more distant, it was a sign of pending misfortune.


In the traditional narratives of Ancient Greece, she is known as Alcyone and associated with the wind.

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