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Matariki with musicMatariki with music
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In our oral histories, the Tainui people refer to Matariki, who is one of seven stars in the Matariki star cluster, as the mother to six star children, who are placed around her in the night sky, while she occupies the centre of the star cluster. Acting as both, a conductor and a source of stability for her star children. The Star, Matariki is associated with health and wellbeing.


During the first rising of Matariki, our tohunga (experts) believed, that if Matariki shone bright in the night sky and her star children seemingly closer to her, it was a sign of prosperity for the coming year. Conversely, if she appeared dim with her star children seemingly more distant, it was a sign of pending misfortune.


In the traditional narratives of Ancient Greece, she is known as Alcyone and associated with the wind.

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